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UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY is known for its best highly skilled candidates. Our company increases the trainee’s capability and morale. Our company increases the efficiency and skills of the trainees. Our company leads the new trainees to grab better career opportunities. Our company assures the trainee with best output results. Our company trains the trainees in a way they never fail in life.

Internship training is a practical training of theoretical knowledge. Under this, an educational institute agrees with industrial enterprises to provide practical knowledge to its candidates by sending them to business organizations to gain practical experience. 
Internship training is the learning process of a trainee while doing actual work. The trainee is given live project experience for a better understanding of the technologies.

Web Development Internship

In Web Development Internship, we work on the most common skills of web design with the trainees.
  • Company Website – Managing, redesigning, restructuring, creating new content and streamlined company website, and used search engine optimization to raise awareness about the company.
  • Web Content – Assisted in updating web content. Organized website layout in a clean and timely manner through the company’s content management system.
  • HTML – Imported static HTML into content systems. Learned HTML to the daily process of a web developer. HTML email promotions. Developing and coding the website.
  • CSS – Develop social-ink websites for clients using CSS and updating content on websites. Customized and edited website style. Implemented CSS fixes to correct glaring site presentation views.
  • Graphic Design – Collaborated with both graphic designers and developers to redesign the corporate websites. Constructed an idea of a logo for the graphic designer. Created and developed consistent art and graphic design in support of the website for the assigned clients.
  • Other skills – Enhances other skills like JavaScript, User Interface, PHP, Python, Analytics, Web Services, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, UI, SQL, Paid Search, Dreamweaver and many more. 

Why should you join us?

  • The trainees are supervised by someone experienced who teaches them the necessary skill sets and guide them through the process.
  • Trainees get a chance to practice in real work situations. 
  • During the internship period, the trainee is paid less than a fully qualified worker, but when the trainee becomes an expert in the job, the trainee gets full charge of the job position.
  • Trainees are designed to acquire a higher level of skill.
  • Trainees carry on regular studies for the prescribed period and also work in some offices.
  • Trainees get familiarized with the rules and policies of the organization. 
  • It helps trainees settle down quickly on the job by becoming familiar with the people, the surroundings, the job, and the business. 
  • The duration may vary from a few hours to a few days.
  • We enable the trainees to gain a broader understanding of the business.
  • We allow trainees to interact with other employees, facilitating future cooperation. 
  • We enhance trainees’ productivity leading to higher profits in the future. 
  • We improve skills and knowledge that lead to a better career for the trainees. 
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