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The well-known company UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES provides on-the-job training to their trainees within the scheme of  ‘ Earn While You Learn ‘.  Our company helps the interns to carry on regular studies along with the work in offices. Our company prepares the interns to work in any circumstances and to handle all the situations wisely. 

Internship helps in gaining practical experience of theoretical knowledge. On-the-job training is the best way of learning for each intern as it is the most excellent way of gaining knowledge.

Strategies of Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Intern works alongside management to increase brand awareness through the usage of social media platforms. 

Interns work along the term to create a plan for social media strategies and assist the brand’s growth by raising awareness. They will assist in implementing plans to increase new followers. They will help the marketing team to focus and improve the digital marketing strategy. They will do email campaigns to the targeted database to advertise and increase brand awareness. 

Interns will manage the company’s official brand website. They will create digital assets such as brand websites, logos, icons, video ads, infographics, blogs, company photos etc. They will increase the organic traffic towards the brand website. They will track and report the website traffic with the help of google analytics. 

Interns improve the visibility for relevant search results. They will know how to optimize the content with all related keywords, backlinks, internal links, and local optimization tactics. They will learn to create content for brand awareness in the digital markets. They will build blogs, posts, testimonials, product demo, product shots, eBooks etc., to drive leads and sales.

Interns will learn to create lead generation campaigns via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They will handle the negative reviews and grab large audiences’ attention towards the brand website. They will interact with followers and potential customers by communicating and answering questions through its website or social media platforms. They will analyze current social media standing and devise compelling social media campaigns to attract sales and monitor social media comments about brands. 

Interns will be trained to be experts in figuring out how to choose keywords, how to create quality ads and how much to bid. In addition, they will be experts with all the latest criteria that will serve on the company’s website.

Why collaborate with only us?

  • We increase the intern’s capability, efficiency, skills, and morale.
  • We lead the interns to grab better career opportunities.
  • We assure the intern the best output results and never fails in life. 
  • We practically train the interns while doing actual work. 
  • Interns are given a stipend (amount less than an expert employee) during this prescribed period. 
  • We help Interns to get familiarized with the rules and regulations of the organization.
  • We provide a realistic environment to interns so that they can adapt themselves according to the surroundings. 
  • Duration of work may vary, but our main aim is to acquire a high level of skill. 
  • Interns can pursue their studies simultaneously side by side. 
  • We help in polishing the skills of the interns to shine this bright world.
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