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The training is given in a classroom where the actual work environment is simulated, wherein employees are trained on dummy models instead of using original equipment. This method is extremely useful when employees are required to handle expensive, delicate, hi-tech and sophisticated equipment. 

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading institutes that support candidates to enrich their skills, attitude, and confidence. Our institute polishes the candidates’ learning and knowledge. Our institute encourages the candidates to grab the best employment opportunities. 

Training is the act of increasing knowledge. Technical skills and abilities of an employee for doing a particular job efficiently and effectively. Both existing employees and new employees get acquainted with their jobs, increasing their current job-related skills. Thus, training is a systematic process of learning.

Training increases employees’ capability and morale. Employees do not think of leaving the organization as they know that they can perform their job better. It increases employees’ productivity both in terms of quantity and quality learning to higher profits. 

Lectures / Conferences / Films 

The lecture or conference approach is well adapted to convey specific information rules, procedures, or methods. The use of audio-visuals or demonstrations can often make a formal classroom presentation more interesting for clarifying more difficult points. They can provide information and explicitly demonstrate skills that are not easily represented by the other techniques. Used in conjunction with conference discussions, it is a very effective method in certain cases.

Group Discussions

Group Discussion training methods are effective at all ages. The teacher will present a topic to be discussed and allow students to take over from there, providing the group with guided questions and prompts along the way. Students can speak from experience, theorize, or formulate arguments.

E-Learning Modules 

Teachers will prepare the e-learning module or program on the computer, and students will look at their own pace through the curriculum. With the right available technology, teachers allow their candidates to participate in self-taught exercises with e-learning modules on the computer.

Case study

Taken from actual experiences of organizations, case studies represent attempts to describe, as accurately as possible, real problems that managers have faced. Trainees study the cases to determine problems, analyze causes, develop alternative solutions, select what they believe to be the best solution and implement it.

Computer modeling 

It stimulates the work environment by programming a computer to imitate some of the realities of the job, which allows learning to take place without the risk or high costs that would be incurred if a mistake were made in the real-life situation.

Why should you choose us?

  • We help in shaping the attitude of the employees. 
  • We improve the skills and knowledge of the employees, which helps in promotion and career growth.
  • We help employees to earn more by better performance.
  • We increase the satisfaction level and morale of the employees.
  • We help in grabbing better employment opportunities.
  • We train the employees on how to achieve goals.
  • We make the employees more efficient to handle the machines. So they are less prone to accidents.
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