How to Become a Software Developer if you do not have an IT background
How to Become a Software Developer if you do not have an IT background

How to Become a Software Developer if you do not have an IT background

In the IT industry, you often see engineers from non IT branches, taking the industry by the storm. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, was a Metallurgy engineer, Satya Nadella, Electrical Engineering student, the current CEO of Microsoft etc. There are people, who are from branches, very distant from information technology curriculum like Biotechnology, making a mark in the IT industry. In fact, even to this day, star performers and leaders from many IT giants are from these non IT engineering branches.

There are several reasons for this change:

  1. According to NASSCOM, the demand for fresh tech professionals and the number of available talent pool in Indian cities is very less. To bridge this gap, engineers from non-IT background are trained on best software developer courses and made job-ready by the training institutes, companies themselves and even colleges, of late.
  2. Colleges and Universities cannot evolve and adapt to changes at the pace that IT Industry is changing. For colleges, not just the students, the faculty have to upgrade themselves to make this happen. So this is not changing anytime soon.
  3. If you see the skill demands of IT industry of India, whatever was considered as support functions just a few years ago – like Full stack web development, DevOps, Big Data, Cyber security, Cloud computing; all these are no more support functions; but are changed to mainstream technology arenas post pandemic, thanks to disruptive potential of information technology to make things work from the comfort of your home. So a suitable software developer course can help one get there.

With such changing times, there is a great opportunity for non IT engineering graduates and science graduates to find employment in the Indian Software industry by undergoing a software developer course. The demand and supply gap is being bridged by making the non tech engineering graduates and science graduates job ready. With training and certifications in the aforesaid areas like Full stack web development , DevOps, Big Data, Cyber security, Cloud computing etc, this has been proven way for them to walk into the software companies with a job in hand. Online Training platforms are now flourishing with the very same objective. In other words, training institutes have become enablers, by sending “job ready” candidates to software companies.

But it is easier said than done. For non IT engineering student or a science graduate, it is very important to choose the training institute for a software developer course that caters to their skill development needs. Let us discuss that. I shall take full stack web development course as an example. But it largely applies for the other skills as well.

How do we shortlist the best institutes for Full Stack web development course in Bangalore?

Here we go…

  1. Long vs Short: While the famous training institutes keep learning sessions long and exhaustive, they’re actually ridding you of your ability to digest the concepts in all and make you exhaustive by the end of it. And you end up taking with you, very limited content of what was actually taught. Read More….
    At Unique Technologies, all training durations are carefully chosen keeping in mind, the non-IT crowd. Based on the topics, they do not last more than a few hours a day, which means you’ll be able to make the most of the sessions.
  2. Herd vs minimal: Majority of the training institutes in Bangalore have herds of 50+ students in a batch/class for a software developer course. With this, it is practically impossible to give individual attention to all the participants and hone their skills by identifying their area of concerns. This is a big differentiating factor for training non IT and science grads. Read More….
    At Unique Technologies, focus is on One-on-One trainings programs. There are as less as 5 students in a batch. This will enable your trainers to give personalized attention to each individual in the batch. This not only make the sessions more interactive, the end result is that, you’ll be more confident and better equipped by the end of Full Stack web development course.
  3. One size fits all vs Adaptive: In this fast changing world, for software developer courses, it is very common of trainers to have just one presentation deck that covers the wide range of aspects related to the topic that run for years without updates. But in real, will it really do? Think of it, the “one size-fits all” curriculum limits a lot of things from the trainee’s eyes and might not cover the focus areas that you wanted to know more about.
    Famous training institutes just have ready-made program curriculums and ready made presentations that they just re-play as slides in batches. Find out if they also have programs that can be tailored to your needs. Go for the latter. Read More….
    At Unique technologies, in addition to not having a ready-made presentation, we believe in the theory of practicality. Our tech trainers sit with the students; work on the live projects, explaining the every line of code.
  4. Theory of Practicality: There are many training institutions which make participants go through the theoretical concepts and ask them to get hands-on by themselves. This is very difficult in a software developer course, especially for students from non IT background, where one actually learns only when they get hands-on exposure. Read More….
    At Unique technologies, practicality approach combined with minimal students in a batch has enabled to make students more confident and Industry-Ready, ready to take up real world assignments of much larger proportions easily. Put it short, at Unique Technologies Full Stack web development course in Bangalore is more of an internship program than just a presentation based routine session.
  5.  Placement assistance: A very important one! Training institutes boast of a lot of placements with numbers and dashboards to impress you with their software developer courses! Obviously, but a better way to find out is to talk to the previous batch students of the training institutes to check how & by what means did the institute assisted them with placements. This will give you a more real picture and helps you decide. To put it short, Trainings must be more of an internship programs than a presentation based routine sessions. Read More…..
    Unique technologies have maintained 100% job placement track record till date. This is possible because, even for training like Full Stack web development course in Bangalore, they have limited intake per batch. Individual attention is given to trainees so that they are prepared well to deal with the real world

Team of placement assistance executives are working dedicatedly ensure every candidate’s skills are polished to ensure successful placements They also provide soft skills support to trainees to increase confidence of students while attending interviews.

Read More..

Albert Einstein correctly quoted the importance of effective training and learning. He said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”. Do your due-diligence and shortlist the best one!

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