Top 11 Factors To Know About Full Stack Development Training In Bangalore

Are you interested in developing software? Learning all the hard and complicated codes that many don’t seem to understand? Learning how to code and developing application software is an art. Imagine mastering all the software development concepts and being able to make a prototype rapidly. That idea of being confidently being able to develop and run software applications on your own amuse you, but you do not want to be in the herd of 100 students in a batch and end up learning nothing? We are here to make that dream come true.

Full stack developer

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  1. One-on-One Training Program:Here at Unique technologies, we provide you with a one-on-one training program. This training program has a total number of 5 students in each batch so that we can pay dedicated and individual attention to each student’s learning.
  2. Focus on Every Individual:Many institutes have batches with 50-100 students in a batch; which means not every student gets adequate focus and training. With this number in a class of Full Stack Development it is impossible to give every student all the required focus and attention.
  3. Equal Opportunity:Unique technologies ensure that all the students understand the work;and with the less number of students present inthe class, it is easier to make sure every student gets equal opportunity to learn and reap the benefits of quality training.
  4. To Be an All-Rounder:Learning Full Stack Development is one of the most demanding and fulfilling courses everywhere. Gone are the days where MNCs hire front end and backend developers separately and pay them. Being a Full stack developer is a boon because he/she will be able to fill in for both the roles.
  5. Skill Optimizing:If there is a need for website application, a Full Stack Development degree will always give you an upper hand in any job field and most often, they are top-notch companies. The better you know your work, the better your salary and company will be. Also,another plus point of a Full stack developer is that they can adapt to any situation and needs.
  6. Industry Standard Training:Unique Technologies prepare their students to deal with all sort of unpredictable scenarios that can occur in tech organisations regarding their work.Full Stack Development is preferred in today’s world, over separate front-end and back-end developers doing the job.
  7. Practical Approach:Unique technologiesoffer you a very practical based training which will include no readymade programs or ppts. The students being trained are made to create their own programsafter they are done to make sure that they have learned their coding best practices right.
  8. Live Internship Program:At Unique Technologies, Every class of coding is well thought and is practised simultaneously with the trainers. The students get to learn with live projects for better understanding and practise. We would say that our course is more of an internship than a theoretical training programming where students can only attend the class and get certified.
  9. Assured Job Placement: Unique Technologies have partnered with tech majors, MNC’s, SME’s & Start-Up Companies for Job Placements & has maintained 100% Job placement track record. Complete End-to-End Job assistance is provided to Every Individual Candidate. Hands on Live real projects ensure all candidates to gain confidence to crack the Interviews.
  10. Certifications:At Unique Technologies, Our students can get their certification on:
  • Front End which includes HTML,CSS,Bootstrap, Ajax, Json, Java Script, React JS/Angular JS
  • Back End includes Python with Django, PHP with Laravel
  • Database includes MYSQL, Mongo DB
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Internship certificate

11. Optimal Course Duration:At Unique Technologies, the course duration depends on the course you opt for. If you go for the Full Stack Developmentthe total duration of the course is 150 hrs. This is one such course that help you upskill and elevates your confidence in building an online business, office projects and many other projects works by your own.

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